sexta-feira, 4 de julho de 2008

A Tribute to Twisted Sister - Twisted Forever

01.Lit - I Wanna Rock
02.Motorhead - Shoot 'Em Down
03.Nashville Pussy - The Kids Are Back
04.Nine Days - The Price
05.Chuck D - Wake Up the Sleeping Giant
06.Anthrax - Destroyer
07.Overkill - Under the Blade
08.Cradle Of Filth - The Fire Still Burns
09.Vision Of Disorder - Don't Let Me Down
10.The Step Kings - Burn in Hell
11.Fu Manchu - Ride to Live (Live to Ride)
12.Joan Jet - We're Not Gonna Take It
13.Sebastian BAch & Friends - You Can't Stop Rock 'N Roll
14.Hammerfall - We're Gonna Make It
15.Sevendust - I Am (I'm Me)
16.Twisted Sister - Sin City

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